Colorful. Conscious. Cozy.

Colour your Winter.

At FOSFO, we get winter. In Quebec, we spend half the year below freezing with tons of ice, powder and snow storms. And we have to admit: we love it. Because we’ve found our way out to play and stay warm all winter long. Our jackets are the result of countless years of experience in warmth and thermal performance. Not to mention their 100% recycled fabrics, which make them an environmentally friendly choice.

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One Fishing Net, Five Jackets.

The fabrics we use to design our coats are all made from recycled materials. How? Well, believe it or not, most fishing nets left in the ocean can be transformed into threads, which are then woven to create a new sustainable and eco-friendly material.

Responsible Down Only.

The thick down that makes up the insulation in your FOSFO is RDS certified (meaning Responsible Down Standard). In a nutshell, this ethical standard guarantees our down and feathers come from ducks treated without cruelty. And that means that our supply chain is 100% traceable, from their farm to your jacket.

Smaller Details, Bigger Satisfaction.

The devil’s in the details, which is why we haven’t overlooked any of them. From the glow-in-the-dark zipper pull that makes you more visible at night to the adjustable-to-perfection microfiber cuffs, FOSFO jackets have been designed and redesigned to meet all of your needs.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry.

Our fabric acts like a natural membrane: waterproofed to protect you from rain and snow, but also breathable to wick away any moisture produced by your own body.

Mission and values
Changing the world without leaving a trace.
At FOSFO, we love nature. Passionately. That’s exactly why we chose to create a warmer jacket with a smaller footprint. Each FOSFO is insulated with RDS certified responsible down. The rest of its fabrics are made from fishing nets collected in the ocean, which are then recycled into yarn used to weave our jackets.
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Ultra warm puffers with a minimized ecological footprint.

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