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A descent that looks great
If you thought quilted coats were just a fashion accessory, think again! Yes, they are cutes, but they also perform well! When winter coats are made with quality materials, they can be used to do (almost) any winter sport.
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An explosion of colors
The colors prevail. Wherever they go, they instill energy, cheerfulness and curiosity. This season, new colors will brighten up the uncluttered landscape offered by winter.
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At the other extreme
It's not just the weather that goes to extremes, trends too. This season, quilted coats keep pace, offering two distinct cuts. In the right ring, we find the super long maxi down jacket and in the left ring, the very short down jacket.
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How to choose your winter coat to stay warm
Gusts of wind, freezing rain, snowstorm: here is a weather cocktail that does not prevent skiers or hikers from indulging in their favourite sport. But you still have to be well equipped! Because you would do the same during an...
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How to wash your winter down puffer jacket?
Down Coat Care – Learn How To Wash Your Winter Down Garments The Right Way  True allies of Canadian winters, all our FOSFO down coats have RDS certification and a fill factor of 600 with an 80/20 quality. To keep...
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Nature, as first nature
A little, a lot, passionately ? At FOSFO, the question does not arise: winter, we love it passionately. If winter is a time we cherish so much, it's because we spend it outside, under the trees, playing and moving. Nature is the most precious of all. How, in our own way, can we help preserve nature?
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