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Comment laver votre doudoune d'hiver ?
Down Coat Care – Learn How To Wash Your Winter Down Garments The Right Way   True allies of Canadian winters, all our FOSFO down coats have RDS certification and a fill factor of 600 with an 80/20 quality. To...
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Comment choisir son manteau d'hiver pour rester au chaud
Gusts of wind, freezing rain, snowstorm: here is a weather cocktail that does not prevent skiers or hikers from indulging in their favourite sport. But you still have to be well equipped! Because you would do the same during an...
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La nature, comme première nature
A little, a lot, passionately ? At FOSFO, the question does not arise: winter, we love it passionately. If winter is a time we cherish so much, it’s because we spend it outside, under the trees, playing and moving. Nature...
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